Mary Pickford Productions
United Artists
Released: April 14, 1925

Featured cast: Jack Pickford, Norma Shearer

Producer-director: James Cruze
Screenwriters: James Cruze, Frank Condo
Cinematographers: Arthur Edeson, Paul P. Perry


A young inventor is a magnet for money—and mishaps.


“Jack Pickford does not give as artistic a portrayal as usual. Nor does Norma Shearer delight the eye as she has done in previous productions. To tell the truth, their respective roles do not provide much scope for their talents.”
- Aline O’Brien, Movie Weekly, May 2, 1925


“My last picture away from home base was at the United Artists studio, where Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Charles Chaplin were making their fabulous pictures. I was leading lady to Jack Pickford, the famous one’s brother. I had the impression that he was spoiled. He had a Hawaiian orchestra playing all day on the set, even when he wasn’t there. He always arrived late and had a habit of shooting golf balls through various office windows at United Artists. I think Mary didn’t care as long as he was happy. He laughed a lot in an unusual way, a soft, low gurgle. I kept my distance.”
- Norma Shearer, Memoir Notes


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