Produced and Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: November 7, 1926

Featured cast: Norma Shearer, Oscar Shaw, Gwen Lee

Producer: Harry Rapf
Director: Monta Bell
Screenwriter: Lorna Moon; Joseph Farnham (titles)
Source: a Walter DeLeon story
Cinematographer: Gaetano Gaudio


A stenographress stumbles into a stage career but soon learns that looks aren’t enough.


“Monta Bell is handling the latest Shearer starring vehicle, Upstage.”
- “M.-G.-M. Keeping Directors Busy,” Motion Picture News, August 21, 1926


“The unevenness of this photoplay is surprising for it was directed by Monta Bell, who, in the unfurling of screen narratives. As Norma Shearer and Oscar Shaw render an excellent account of themselves, the falsity of some of the doings of the characters they impersonate falls upon Mr. Bell’s shoulders.”
- Mordaunt Hall, The New York Times, November 15, 1926


Upstage cost $181,000 and grossed $624,000.
(These figures have not been adjusted for inflation nor do they include profits from reissues, television syndication, and home entertainment formats.)


Behind the Scenes