Louis B. Mayer Productions
Associated First National Pictures
Released: November 26, 1923

Featured cast: Marie Prevost, Robert Ellis, Norma Shearer

Producer: Jesse L. Lasky
Director: Norma Shearer
Screenwriters: Paul Bern, J. G. Hawks, Leila Burton Wells
Cinematographer: Ernest Palmer


When a society man marries his sister’s French maid, the newlyweds suffer prejudice.


“Mr. Chas. Ryan, Garfield Theatre, Chicago: I will be interested in learning how you like my next production, The Wanters. Have just finished shooting the final scenes and am now busy editing and titling.”
- “Stahl Pays Tribute to Contributor” Exhibitors Herald, July 14, 1923


“The central idea is not new—having served in vari­ous guises since it was first introduced. It presents a natural craving for things we cannot have—a craving which affects even the most exclusive circles. Thus is found a reason for the title. While it follows familiar lines it offers moments of interest—having been ade­quately cast and striking home occasionally with its dramatic touches."
- Lawrence Reid, Motion Picture News, January 19, 1924


“In one scene I had to walk down the great winding staircase in a palatial home, dressed from head to toe in stiff metallic cloth, without looking down. This which wasn’t easy to do without falling on my face. John Stahl the director came to my rescue. ‘My dear,’ he said in a caressing whisper, ‘when you walk down a staircase, never look down. You should instinctively know where the step is. Look where you’re going, to the person you are to meet, which in this case is the camera. This gives you elegance, assurance.’ Mr. Stahl was teaching me more than I realized. In one simple scene I learned to not only walk downstairs without being afraid but also to walk through life without being afraid, not looking down but always ahead.”
- Norma Shearer, Memoir Notes


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