Producers Security Corporation
Released: March 1922

Featured cast: Wilfred Lytell, Norma Shearer

Producer-director: Oscar Apfel
Screenwriter: Marion Brooks
Cinematographer: Alfred Gandolfi


A falsely convicted man builds a new life in a remote trading post.


“Wilfred Lytell, as Oliver Thornton, proves an ac­ceptable hero, while Norma Shearer does good work as his wife, the heroine. Miss Shearer's good looks are shown to advantage, and she not only photographs extremely well, but shows no small amount of talent in the portrayal of her part.”
- Exhibitor's Herald, April 8, 1922

“Wilfred Lytell and Norma Shearer are largely re­sponsible for the realism of the scenes. The star has plenty of energy and nerve, and besides a certain clean-cut attractiveness that should give him wide ap­peal. Miss Shearer is pretty, and in her emotional scenes, very vivid. The whole production, including the style of direction, and scenic backgrounds, show a sin­cerity that will be generally appreciated.”
- Mary Kelly, Moving Picture World, March 25, 1922

“Wilfred Lytell is presented as the hero but much better acting opportunities are given Norma Shearer as the factor's wife, all of which she embraces with a poise and skill that stamps this new-comer to the screen as an actress of promise. The girl has beauty and screen personality and she can act. Even in the wild melo­drama that many parts of the picture exhibit, she is able to make her work hold attention and her role seem real.”
- J. S. Dickerson, Motion Picture News, April 1, 1922