Louis B. Mayer Productions
Metro Pictures Release
Released: November 5, 1923

Featured cast: Huntley Gordon, Marjorie Benton, Norma Shearer

Producer: Irving Thalberg
Director: Reginald Barker
Screenwriter: A.P. (Bill) Younger
Source: the Blanche Upright novel The Valley of Content
Cinematographers: Norbert Brodine, Alvin Wyckoff


A man’s pride leads him to drop his wife for a younger woman.


“Irving G. Thalberg, who joined the Mayer organization since the first of the year in the capacity of vice-president, is concentrating his entire efforts on production, working with the directors on the preparation of their stories, selection of casts and shooting of pictures, and is generally keeping production keyed up to a high efficient level. Reginald Barker will probably be the first director to get started on his no. 1 production, Pleasure Mad."
- “Mayer Plans Production Schedule” The Motion Picture News, July 7, 1923

Note: Thalberg's actual start date was February 15, 1923.


“It is not often that we have to sit through a picture quite as bad as Pleasure Mad. It was adapted from The Valley of Content, and therefore the exploiters of this dreary film have a catch line, ‘From The Valley of Content to The Whirlpool of Wealth.’ The photography is quite fair and the settings are much too good for the story.”
- Mordaunt Hall, New York Times, January 7, 1924

“Little Norma Shearer manages to put over another wallop for herself in this picture that shows that she can troup. She looks like a real find.”
- Variety, January 10, 1924


Behind the Scenes

Norma Sherer with director Reginald Barker