Warner Bros. Pictures
Released: December 8, 1923

Featured cast: Irene Rich, Monte Blue, Norma Shearer

Producer: Harry Rapf
Director: Jack Conway
Screenwriters: Sada Cowan, Bertram Millhauser
Source: the Kathleen Norris novel


A woman must rescue her rival from a forest fire.


“The title of Lucretia Lombard has been changed to Loveless Marriages so that exhibitors will not be led to believe that it is a costume picture.”
- “Lucretia Lombard Title Changed by Warners” The Motion Picture News, August 25, 1923


Lucretia Lombard, by the way, has an alternate title, Flaming Passion, which is used in those districts where passion is popular. As a matter of fact, the title doesn't make much difference. It isn't a good picture.'' - Robert E. Sherwood, Life Magazine, January 10, 1924


“My visit to the Warners studio resulted in a very gay friendship with Minna Wallis, secretary to Jack Warner. Looking for a gown for me to wear in Lucretia Lombard, she and I went to every chic store downtown before deciding on a black lace number appliqued with silk flowers. The colors were gorgeous, and we thought it would be a knockout on the screen. It was. When we saw the rushes, the gown looked as if someone had thrown a pail of garbage down the front of me and I hadn’t bothered to brush it off.”
- Norma Shearer, Memoir Notes