Irving Thalberg Jr. was educated at a military school, a public school, and at Le Rosey near Rolle, Switzerland. He began to study philosophy at Stanford University, served in the army, and then returned to Stanford, where he married fellow student Suzanne McCormick in 1956. After teaching at various schools, he and his family moved to Chicago, and in 1965 he joined the philosophy department of the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle (UIC). Irving and Suzanne had three daughters, Shoshana, Deborah, and Elana. Suzanne taught philosophy at the University of Chicago. Irving and Suzanne divorced in 1971. During his tenure at UIC, Irving Jr. wrote three books and seventy articles on philosophy. He later married an anthropology instructor named Deborah Pellow. A universally respected scholar, Irving Thalberg Jr. died of cancer on August 21, 1987.

Katharine Thalberg was educated at the Westlake School for Girls. She married an Olympic skier named Jack Reddish in 1954, when she was eighteen, and continued her studies at Vassar, Stanford, and UCLA, earning a degree in English literature. Her second marriage was to actor Richard Anderson, with whom she had three daughters, Ashley, Brooke, and Deva. After moving to Aspen, Colorado, she opened the popular Explore Bookstore, and later married businessman Bill Stirling. After years as a pillar of the community and a respected animal-rights activist, Katharine Thalberg died of cancer on January 5, 2006.