Birth and Lineage

Edith Norma Shearer was born on August 11, 1902, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Her father: Andrew Shearer was born on January 26, 1864.

Andrew’s father: James Shearer was born around 1823 in Cathness County, in the Highlands of Scotland. He came to Canada in 1843 and became a partner in Shearer, Brown, and Wills Lumber and Contracting Company.

Andrew’s mother: Eliza Graham was born in 1828. She was James’s housekeeper when they married on June 23, 1848. They had three daughters, two of whom were Ida (born 1869) and Emerald (born 1872); and two sons, Andrew and Cresswell (born May 24, 1874). Cresswell Shearer became a Cambridge zoologist.

Her mother: Edith Mary Fisher was born on August 28, 1873, in the village of Islington in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Edith’s father: Edwin Fisher owned a flour mill on the Humber River.

Edith’s mother: Emily Cooper was born on July 21, 1846. She married Edwin around 1870. When Edwin died at age thirty, she supported their daughters Edith, Dortha Maria (born 1871), and the child later known to Norma as Aunt Bee, by working as a Mother Matron in a women’s college.

Andrew Shearer married Edith Fisher on April 24, 1899. He built a two-story brick house for her as a wedding present. It still stands at 507 Grosvenor Street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Douglas Graham Shearer was born on November 17, 1899.
Athole Dane Shearer was born on November 20, 1901.